The creative process for this collection has been one of individual growth and reflection. The goal, was to design pieces I would wear after my metamorphosis since the inception of my brand. What was left; conceptually, was an amalgamation of my various interests, emotions and experiences at the different moments of design development.

For the past few years, the male figures in my life have been disappointed in my exclusion of the male form in my designs. My journey of gender fluidity in garment design began. Research into androgynous cuts led to the exploration of Japanese Kimono’s and the Omo from the Omo River Valley Basin in Ethiopia who often adorn themselves in wonderful vibrant body art, flora and fauna and the occasional AK47 for protection.

My metamorphosis began with me going back to my roots. Literally. I took the brave step of cutting all my hair off. With that my introduction to the turban and head scarf culture opened my eyes to a whole universe that I only experienced from afar.

For the heavier structured fabrics, I looked for texture and craftsmanship. A trip to Burkina Faso where I found Dan Fani textiles and Wote a small village in Eastern Kenya where a women's group hand looms woven fabric brought together what I thought was a distant dream; the ability to build over divides between different time periods, cultures and sexes.

The silk, cotton and woven fabric give the collection playful movement, flattering waistlines and structured silhouettes that allow you to manipulate the pieces however you see fit. ADRGYN | OMO collection is about inclusiveness defined by you.